Q&A with Franklin Boateng AKA The King of Trainers

We chatted with everyones favourite monarch, Franklin Boateng, A.K.A the King of Trainers for a quick fire Q and A. 

Image - 43 Ein Halb

What was the first pair of sneakers you remember? Is there a specific moment that sparked your passion?
My nickname King Of Trainers goes way back to the early 80's, so the first pair I remember are a pair of Puma's my mum used to love tennis and Boris Becker so any pair or brand he had, was good.

What do you think are the current trends in sneakers? Are there trends you hope will fade out?
To be honest, sneakers are now fast fashion it never used to be but they are releasing a different pair every week which I don't know if they can keep doing that. The problem is because of social media everyone wants to show what they have bought on a weekly basis but maybe that may die out.

What influences your sneaker purchases?
I am from the old school so I have to like what I buy. However, I have to be honest sometimes the hype gets me and when you see something enough times you begin to like it.

What is a brand or style that you wear again and again?
I think a nice pair of Air Max 1's or 90's you can never go wrong or a pair of adidas Stan Smiths.

What brands / designers are you excited about?
I am excited about Diadora people under estimate them but they make the best quality trainers hands down in my opinion.

Most anticipated drop of the year?
Its already happened, it was the Travis Scott AJ1's and that was a HYPE drop. But I also hear rumours that there is a Kaws drop expected, so maybe that.

Most treasured pair in your wardrobe?
I have a few all my pairs are connected to memories but maybe my Spike Lee Signed Jordan 4 White Cements I met him too one of my hero's here is a link to that - https://www.instagram.com/p/BuTBmpynOX7/

Top tips for keeping your trainers box fresh?
I was told by my friend Steve, a well respected collector, that you should keep your shoes in freezer bags - the sealed ones - each foot for one and they will stay fresh forever. 

As a major player in the sneaker community, what’s the one thing you wish people would stop doing?
Thanks I appreciate you think I am a major player ;-) Nah in all seriousness people should stop doing it for the gram and stop competing buy what you like and wear your trainers. Simple.

What do you think is the driving factor behind a sneaker’s success? hype or design?
Design will always prevail when I was younger it was all about the biggest bubble or latest tech and now its the same, however hype is always there but without good design it doesn't have substance.

How do you see streetwear and sneakers evolving?
I think more technology but I also think the services around the sneaker industry will improve like same day delivery quicker buying better customer service all of these have to improve to enhance the shopping experience

Check out Franklins instagram, over at https://www.instagram.com/kingoftrainers

24 Kilates x Mita Sneakers x Mighty Crown x Diadora N9002 "Respect Over Hate"
Travis Scott - Nike Jordan 1