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Series 1: Leaves – Calamus Eau de Toilette Spray


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Series 1: Leaves – Calamus Eau de Toilette from Comme de Garçons Parfum in 50ml. The concept for Series 1: Leaves, was "The Seven Sensations”: Light, Sight, Touch, Air, Smell, Emotion and Memory. A range of five new Eau de Toilette embodying the fashion house’s constant research in the realm of smell sensations based on the idea of green.Calamus is a reed plant in the marshes, green and fresh, blowing in the wind epitomized by the young bamboo leaf and the celery grains. Verdant pastures in a modern world. Perfumer: Bertrand DuchaufourPlease note that due to recent changes in regulations, we are unable to ship fragrances and perfumes to certain destinations outside of the UK. For full details, please email shop@seftonfashion.com or call +44 207 226 7076