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Colors Lean Dean (Length 32)


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From the Colors collection, Nudie's first ever jeans with chain stitch back pocket embroidery. The embroidery has been sewn with 4 colours, reflecting the colour theme of the capsule. Both patch and pocket bags have got a Lil' extra attention in the form of a grainy gradient print, giving the jeans a splash of colour on the outside as well as the inside. The denim used for Lean Dean Dry Colors is a 12 oz comfort stretch denim with deep indigo tone and a slightly napped surface. The irregular warp and weft yarns give the denim a beautiful crosshatch effect that will get more pronounced with wear. Regarding wear, we recommend using dry denim jeans daily for at least 6 months before the first wash. This will give the jeans a nice contrasting worn-in look. This is, of course, just a recommendation, washing earlier also render great results, just a bit less contrasting.