Coming Soon: A.P.C JJJJound

The year is 2006, Yeezy is yet to be born, Borat was in the cinema and Instagram was 4 years from existence. It was a simpler time for the internet, In a pre-instagram, pre-tumblr landscape, the digital mood-board known as was born. A painstakingly curated and colour co-ordinated stream of aesthetically pleasing images, has become a source of reference for the design community and an aesthetic that has been copied countless times. In the years since its conception, JJJJound has grown into a collaborative design studio with global appeal.

Founded by Justin Saunders, the studio is still operated out of Montreal. The go-to site for those in the know, JJJJound remains one of the internet’s best kept secrets. Saunders has been an elusive, behind the scenes figure on multiple undisclosed projects for the likes of DONDA and Kanye West. More than just a creative director, Saunders is unquestionably the originator of a stripped back internet aesthetic of that has become commonplace on Instagram.

From its origins as an internet mood-board, Saunders design studio has shifted its focus to a line of minimal, JJJJound branded products. The collection of products ranges from the ubiquitous hoodie and tote bags to more unexpected items such as mugs, basketballs, coffee beans and even dryer balls. Like so many of the internet’s cool-kid design houses, collaborations have propelled JJJound to an achingly in demand name.  Collaborations have included exclusive sneakers with Reebok, New Balance & Vans. To many a dedicated sneakerhead, the Vans x JJJound Old Skools were the shoe of 2017.

In May 2019, a single Instagram post turned the fashion-savvy crowd into a frenzy. A teaser of 3 branded pins, safety-pinned to denim with JJJJound x A.P.C co-branding revealing an exciting new ‘Interaction.’ It’s no surprise that the established Parisian design studio A.P.C has seen an opportunity with JJJJound and the stage is set for what we can expect to be a denim heavy collaboration of minimalist fashion.

Launching In-store & Online - 14.11.19

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