Introducing: Escentric Molecules

Often described as the “anti-fragrance brand,” Escentric Molecules perfumes are an extraordinary example of what synthetic, single-notes aromas. A unisex and radically minimalistic range of perfumes, Escentric Molecule is the perfect balance of alchemy and perfumery.

The brand owes its existence to a laboratory at IFF where the aroma molecule Iso E Super was created. When perfumer Geza Schoen first smelt it in isolation, something clicked. “I realised that the common denominator in all the fragrances I liked was that they contained a large dose of it. Iso E Super is highly unusual. You can never get enough of it. One sniff and you want the whole bottle. It’s like a drug.”

Created by the legendary ‘nose,’ it was his love for Iso E Super that inspired the brand. For any perfumer to manufacture a single molecule fragrance was unheard of, it was a radical and non-conformist move. Schoen says of his rebel fragrance Molecule 01, “I thought, this one will appeal only to the artists, the freaks, the outsiders.”

An unusual aroma that does not exist in nature, Iso E Super is a fragrance that evolves as it sits on the skin, with notes of cedar and an almost velvety aroma it is neither classical nor pretty. Aromas are imbued with an almost psychedelic quality and many are quick converts to the brand preferring the ever-evolving scents to traditional multi-note fragrances.

Coined “the fragrance for those who don’t like fragrance,” Escentric’s cult Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette is an unconventional perfume, praised for its subtlety. Escentric Molecule steps away from traditional fragrances toward something visionary and rebellious without feeling gimmicky. Composed of a single ingredient, Schoen’s signature Iso E Super, the perfumes are subtle but sexy. The molecules at the heart of each fragrance are designed to meld to the wearer’s natural pheromones, giving a truly unique scent that hovers over you all day. 

“Iso E Super is one of those skin-sexy scents that makes you want to nestle into it. It’s comforting, cocooning.” – Geza Schoen, perfumer and founder of Escentric Molecules

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